One Housing’s Commitments.


A new home for every One Housing tenant and resident leaseholder if you want to return: Where possible we will arrange for you to move directly into your new home from your existing one and we will offer you a home in the new development that meets your housing needs/budget. You will have your own private outdoor space. Some tenants and resident leaseholders currently living in may need to move away from the site temporarily to allow the regeneration to take place. We will aim to keep such moves to a minimum and all who temporarily move will have a right to return to the finished development. Resident leaseholders will have financial options to enable them to return if they are unable to purchase outright.

Your tenancy will stay the same: If you are a One Housing tenant your tenancy rights will be the same when you return to your new home as they are now. If you move away permanently with a different landlord you will be granted an assured tenancy and some details may be different to your existing tenancy agreement.

Extra support for those who need it: We will provide extra help for those who need it, for example older residents or those with support needs. We will help you to understand the proposals and to move home.

Your rent will stay the same: If you rent your home from One Housing then your rent will not increase because of the redevelopment once you return to your new home, unless you move to a larger home with more bedrooms. Rents will also stay the same during the temporary move away from the estate while the work is carried out. If you decide to move away permanently, the rent in your new home may be different to the rent you pay now, but you will know what the rent will be before making your decision to.

A commitment to quality: All new homes will be built to the latest standards as set out in the London Housing Supplementary Planning Guidance (SPG) and the current Building Regulations. For existing residents, the intention is for all new homes to be at least as big as your current home and have a meaningful outdoor space. All homes will be energy efficient.

We will minimise disruption: We will make every effort to limit disruption to you and your household.

You will receive compensation: We will pay you (tenants and leaseholders) a home loss payment for the loss of your home plus all reasonable costs incurred as a result of moving.

A permanent move away if you want it: If you would prefer to move away from Kedge House, Winch House and Starboard Way permanently we will support you to find a permanent home. For tenants this may mean moving into one of our existing properties elsewhere, or moving into a property owned by another housing provider. This may be in Tower Hamlets or if you wish it could be in another borough subject to an arrangement with another landlord. For leaseholders this means an independently assessed purchase offer from One Housing, and financial support to buy elsewhere. 

Help when moving: If you move away from Alice Shephard or Oak House either temporarily or permanently, then we will work with you to find a home which suits your needs. We will also pay all reasonable removal expenses (as part of a ‘disturbance fee’) and help with arranging your move and setting up your home. (Important note: if tenants do choose to move away permanently from Alice Shephard or Oak House, it could be to a home let by another housing association or the council. You will be offered an assured tenancy (that may be preceded by a probationary period) but some details in your new agreement may be different from One Housing’s agreement. Your rent in a new permanent home will also be set by your new landlord so may be different to the rent you pay now, but you will know what the rent will be before making your decision to move.

Ongoing consultation and communication: We will consult you on proposals for the new development throughout the process, using a range of methods so you can influence things in ways that best suit you.

Compensation for home improvements: If you are a tenant who has made improvements to your home, we will compensate you for them providing they were carried out with One Housing’s permission. If leaseholders have made improvements they will be taken into account when calculating the property’s value for both outright sale and shared options.

Provision of parking: Resident car owners who currently have a street parking permit or use the car park will be able to keep their street permit and those with estate permits can continue parking locally when they return after the redevelopment.

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