About us.

One Housing builds, manages and maintains over 17,000 homes within London and the South East, almost 2,500 of which are on the Isle of Dogs. For many of you we are your landlord.

We are a ‘not for profit’ organisation, a registered provider of social housing and a registered charitable housing association. This means that any profit that we make is required by law to be reinvested in our social purpose of helping people and communities.

We build affordable homes for people who struggle to afford a place to live. We provide care and support to thousands of people in the community and we help people to prepare for and find work. We fund all of this by building, selling and renting homes on the open market and a range of other commercial ventures.

Our vision is to create places for people to call home and support them to live well and the Island regeneration team were set up in 2018 to work with residents of the Isle of Dogs to develop and implement regeneration works to benefit the community and, where possible, provide additional homes for people in need.

Meet the Island Regeneration team



Leila has many years of experience working on the Isle of Dogs. She manages One Housing’s day to day activity on this project and coordinates input into the project from many residents, staff, technical consultants and agencies.


Paul is responsible for managing One Housing’s regeneration strategy on the Isle of Dogs and ensuring the projects and proposals are resident focussed, achievable and deliver meaningful benefits to both the local community and the wider borough.


Mynul is a former housing officer who specialises in face to face engagement with residents through meetings, one to one visits, drop in sessions and surgeries. He is particularly focussed on ensuring that residents’ rights and privileges are maintained and enhanced through any regeneration proposals.


Emma is a former Resident Liaison officer who also has a customer based maintenance background.

Emma is focussed on building solid relationships and getting to know residents through transparent, consistent engagement, as well as providing a quality customer experience throughout any regeneration proposals.

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